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        After the long negotiations held the creation of UAB "Mažeikių Lokys" home page has been entrusted  to the  newly established  "t-z studio". The home page features the main facts related to the brewery, brewing process, beer brands etc. All the necessary information on UAB "Mažeikių Lokys" is available here.

        UAB "Mažeikių Lokys" not only produces the very best beer but also provides its consumers with a possibility to relish its flavour within larger and larger distance from Mažeikiai where the main brewery is settled. Pubs selling the production of  "Mažeikių Lokys"  are being  established further  and further
from Mažeikiai (a more detailed information provided in the "Pubs” section). You are kindly invited to visit all of the pubs as these are the only places serving the real "Lokio" beer for an unusually low price. These are the presently offered brands: "9,5", "Auksinis Princas", "Drakono", "Ledinis", "Lokio", "Rudasis Lokys", "Trys Lokiai, "Sena Pilis", "Salyklinis", "Vasaros" , "Vestuvinis", "Ryklio Nasrai" and "Ryklio Nasrai - 9,5".
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