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Beer brands
        The beer brewed by UAB "Mažeikių Lokys" is natural and specific to the brewery only. As attributed to a qualitative beer the "Mažeikiai Lokys" beer is slightly bitter, however, hops and other ingredients provide it with a subtle taste characteristic to the brewery from the very beginning of its activity. 13 brands of beer are brewed at present (their logos presented below), however, much more brands have been developed by "Mažeikių Lokys". The following are short descriptions of the brands out of production now:

* „Aukštaičių Vestuvinis“
* „Firminis“
* „Fortūna“
* „Medžiotojų“
* „Vairuotojų“
* „Titnagas“


        There is no way you could get disappointed, if in your seeking for fortune or waiting for it to smile on you, you rely on the "Fortūna" beer. The beer is an ineffable joy for all the beer lovers as its taste is a pure beer flavour with the hop bitterness harmoniously blended and the alcohol content of 5,5 % vol.

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